Welcome to the Medicine Circle!

There are times in our lives when we will come to a doorway. It may be because life calls us to come home, or by chance or by a conscious search in response to a deep inner longing ... On the other side of this doorway lies another world, a world we did not know even existed.

Some of us have the kind of wisdom that allows us to know instinctively what is good for us. We know a good thing when we see it. While for some of us, this place of potential exploration and change brings up fear and judgment. We become dismissive and we walk away.

Where you have landed just now, is such a doorway. It may have the power to change your life and your entire world if you let it. But you must first take that step forward and walk over the threshold ... trust your heart and let yourself be taken to a new universe, beyond the realms of the commonly accepted, where childhood wonder and magic still exist.

Step forth! Step into the Medicine Circle and start the journey back to your heart.

Welcome to the Medicine Circle!