Shamanic Program: BC

The 11th - 1 Year Program in Shamanic Healing 2018-2019

Salt Spring Island, British Columbia, Canada
[non residential]
The Path of Power

Orca Medicine Group

Empowerment - Healing - Growth - Transformation

Next program starts October 12, 13, 14, 2018*

*all other weekend dates will be selected as a group to ensure everyone can attend

Daniel Leonard is a born healer and teacher. His life experience has brought him to a place of wisdom keeper. Daniel is sensitive, compassionate, an extremely clear communicator, and has a good sense of humor. Any client or student working with Daniel will learn a wealth of self-empowerment tools and healing skills. Daniel's teaching is brilliant! His work is truly good medicine!

  • Sandra Ingerman, international shamanic teacher and author of 10 books on shamanism.
When you sign up for the program here is what you get:
  • VALUE - 12 Days of intensive shamanic healing training
  • 1 FREE 2-hour Soul Retrieval Ceremony / check-in with Dancing Bear - a value of $250.
  • A complete, high quality education in shamanic healing - not just participation in sacred ceremonies - you also learn ALL the basic healing skills shamans use. Some shamanic schools bring you in ceremonies but do not teach you any skills.
  • Learn from an experienced, dedicated teacher with 19 years of practice in shamanic healing and soul retrieval. Dancing Bear is a teacher who is fully engaged and committed to support your personal growth and learning process.
  • Experience powerful group ceremonies with like-minded people where you will enjoy gentle growth in a safe, supportive environment...immerse yourself in learning that will last a lifetime.
  • Make a connection with the sacred AND learn practical skills.
  • Experience a return of personal power.
  • A life changing, unforgettable, rich and transformative experience.

Tuition is $1900 ( includes 12% HST).

** **if you choose, you can enjoy a flexible monthly payment plan of $130 per month + deposit of $340

Please ask about the details.

Testimonials - video about the 1 Year Program in Shamanic Healing

Click here to see the 26 minutes video giving more details and testimonials about the 1 Year Program in Shamanic Healing or click the photo below.

Next Program starts October 2017

The pre-requisite for the training is a soul retrieval ceremony with Daniel It is also recommended to take the One Day Workshop introduction to see if you are able to journey.

One Year Together

The same group of participants will work together for one year. You will develop a general knowledge of a variety of shamanic healing techniques and skills and an in-depth knowledge of the shamanic journeying technique. You will receive nearly 100 hours - 12 days - of intensive training spread over 5 weekends. This is a non residential training program.  Out of town participants must find their own accommodation on Salt Spring Island [near the town of Ganges]. Please email us for a list of accommodations.

Your Journey

Discover and learn how to use the shamanic journey for many purposes, to work with your power animals and spirit helpers. Discover how to use the technique to help you in your daily life or with creative projects and to do healing work with others.  The basic method of the shamanic journey is a form of meditation using drumming where you learn to soul travel, commune with ‘non-ordinary reality’ and compassionate healing spirits for the purpose of receiving guidance, information and healing. Scientific studies show that repetitive drumming alters brain waves patterns in a way that is comparable to deep sleep and deep meditative states. In this states, the journeyer obtains information and healing visions which have direct application to ‘ordinary’ reality.


You will be supported in discovering your own medicine and gifts and apply it to help others and yourself.


Deepen your connection with life and experience healings that bring fundamental shifts and align you with your higher purpose. Leaning the shamanic path fosters a sacred way of living life in harmony with Nature and the Earth.


After completing the training, you will receive a certificate in shamanic healing from The Medicine Circle as an acknowledgement that you have fulfilled the requirements and attended all sessions, completed your 20 cases studies and handed-in your case study reports.

Course Topics

The 1 Year Program in Shamanic Healing is about connecting to the unseen reality where people can meet and interact with healing, compassionate spirit helpers to help restore balance in themselves, others and the environment. This is what the essence of shamanism is - it is a path that causes personal growth and a holistic approach to all aspects of everyday life. Walking the path of the shaman is a process of re-empowerment, self-healing and a path of knowledge where a person learns to work with spirit helpers to effect desired results for healing and restoring balance and living in harmony with all of creation.

Training sessions spread out over a one year period as follows:

Weekend ONE - SALT SPRING ISLAND, BC OCTOBER 12, 13, 14 - 2018

Shamanic Journeying, drumming, rattling, Power Animal Retrieval, Meeting your Spirit Helpers, working with your helpers, Merging with your Spirit Helpers, Power Animal Dance, Divination, reading signs, interpreting messages, grounding received teachings, taking action on advice received.


Shamanic Extraction, Psycho Pomp, working with, guiding and healing the Spirits of the dead, Working with the Spirits of place, nature and doing healing for places and physical spaces.  


Soul Retrieval - PART ONE Soul Retrieval - The definition and method


Soul Retrieval - PART TWO The stolen souls and ceremony for returning the stolen souls, Soul Remembering, Soul Retrieval for past lives, After Soul Retrieval - self care, process, integration and the healing crisis, Intro to PTSD [Post Traumatic Stress Disorder] from a shamanic perspective, Contraindications for Soul Retrieval


The Medicine Circle, Empowering your healing tools, Shadow work & awareness about power games, Fire Ceremony, Distance Healing, How to work with your Power Animal, transformational journeys


  • Participants must commit to attend all sessions – all trainings occur on the weekend Friday evening, Saturday all day and Sunday all day.
  • Participant must fill out an application form, sign a waiver and provide a one-page handwritten letter describing yourself with a brief explanation as to why you want to take the course.
  • Participants must do homework practice sessions between weekend trainings and hand-in short case study reports on their experiences [20 case studies].
  • To book your space into the course, $340.00 non refundable deposit is required. Your deposit will be refunded if you cancel 90 days (August 1st 2018) before the training starts. No refunds will be issued after the 90-day deadline.

Cost of course:  $1900 - includes 12% HST Course fees are payable as follows:       

  1. $340 to confirm your attendance in the program - Next program starts OCTOBER 2018
  2. $315 Due at the training Friday evening
  3. (second weekend) $315 - due at the training Friday evening
  4. (third weekend) $315 - due at the training Friday evening
  5. (fourth weekend) $315 - due at the training Friday evening
  6. (fifth weekend) Fees $315 - due at the training Friday evening

PLEASE NOTE: This is a non-residential training.  You must find your own accommodations if you are coming from out of town. A list of available local accommodations will be provided for your convenience. Please email us for details on flights to Victoria and Vancouver, BC Ferries and Salt Spring accommodations.  The training will be near the town of Ganges on Salt Spring Island.

You will also need to purchase a drum and a rattle. The cost of a good drum is around $200 and a rattle between $50 - $150. Not everyone is admitted to this training. Please email us and we will send you an application form.  

Supplies for the course – FOR EVERY SESSION PLEASE BRING:

  • You will need to bring your own drum and rattle to each session (except for the first retreat – if you do not have your drum or rattle at the first retreat, that’s fine. But you will need them for all other 4 sessions)
  • a notebook and pens
  • cushion
  • blanket to lay on for journeying
  • eye bandana to cover your eyes during journeying

Please let me know if you have any existing conditions whether physical, mental or emotional

Once you graduate from the 1 Year Program in Shamanic Healing you have an opportunity to continue your shamanic studies by enrolling in a 2 Year Advance Apprenticeship. This 2 Year Apprenticeship is only available to graduates of the 1 Year Program.

Please note:

The 1 Year Program in Shamanic Healing is listed on Shamanic

Daniel does not hold plant medicine ceremonies. Daniel teaches Shamanic Healing using the Shamanic Journey, Drumming, Rattling Etc.

Daniel Leonard & The Medicine Circle reserve the right to cancel the participation of anyone, at any time for any reason and to cancel any workshops at any time and for any reason. If the case may be, fees paid in advance will be refunded.