WORKSHOP: Introduction to the Shamanic Journey

Enjoy a safe, supportive environment to experience and practice the shamanic journey.

This workshop is a beginner's intro to the shamanic journey. You will experience journeying to a drum and visit the hidden Universe and meet your power animal. You will also have a chance to work with one of your classmates to use the shamanic journey for divination.

You will be introduced to the cosmology of the hidden Universe and enjoy a safe, supportive environment to experience and practice the shamanic journey.

Discover how to use the journey technique to help you in your daily life or with creative projects. The basic method of the shamanic journey is a form of meditation using drumming where you learn to soul travel, commune with non-ordinary reality and compassionate healing spirits for the purpose of receiving guidance, information, power and healing. Scientific studies show that repetitive drumming alters brain waves to a theta patterns in a way that is comparable to deep sleep and deep meditative states. In this state, the journeyer obtains information and healing visions which have direct application to ordinary reality. This workshop is designed to be a brief exploration of the shamanic journey and is a great way to find out if you resonate with shamanic journeying. If you are considering taking the 1 Year Program in Shamanic Healing, this workshop gives you an opportunity to experience the work of shamanism.  This workshop is taught by Helena Frank.

Dates for 2018 TBA

taught by Helena Frank

Investment: $125 - full payment is due before the workshop in order to book your space

Hours: 9:30 am to 5:00 pm

Bring your lunch

Location: Toronto, TBA


HOW TO BOOK: Please send an interac email transfer to to book your space. Or email a confirmation of your attendance and mail a cheque. Payment must be received in full to hold your space in the workshop. Please send me your full name, email address and payment to confirm your place - 12 people maximum.