Weekend Workshop on Post Traumatic Stress Disorder [PTSD] for Energy Healers

Next workshop will be in 2018

Cost: $325 including HST

This is a 2 day workshop designed for practitioners of energy healing such as Reiki, Shamanic Healing (soul retrieval), therapeutic touch, cranio-sacral etc. who are involved in assisting people in healing from trauma and releasing and healing emotions and wounds associated with trauma from abuse, violence or other forms of traumatic experiences. It is a basic overview of the theory and application of the principles of PTSD. This workshop is designed to bring awareness to the post traumatic syndrome occurrences and how to counsel people to help and support them in navigating the path of recovery by identifying and naming. This is not a workshop to treat or diagnose PTSD. It is a basic training to support energy healers in handling their clients who display PTSD symptoms. There will be guest speakers who will share tips from their personal counselling practice

  • Definition of Post Traumatic Stress Disorder and Complex Post Traumatic Stress Disorder - origins, terminology and theory
  • What is trauma and what are its effects on the energetic body from a spiritual perspective
  • What are the effects of repeated trauma and repeated abuse
  • The 3 types of identifiable PTSD symptoms and identification of symptomatic behaviours
  • The 3 phases in recovery from trauma
  • How to address trauma stored in the body
  • Soul Retrieval and Reiki to address trauma and PTSD
  • Transference and counter-transference in the healing relationship
  • Empowering victims of abuse and trauma and the pitfalls of the healing relationship
  • Avoiding re-enacting the trauma in the healing relationship
  • When to help and when to refer
  • Practical exercises
  • Self-care & boundaries for the practitioner
  • Guidance and resources for your clients

What participants say about the PTSD training:

It was an honour and a pleasure to help Daniel Léonard by presenting a short session on trauma and story during his recent workshop on PTSD and shamanic & related healing work.  I met Daniel about 20 years ago at the beginning of his study of Shamanism, Reiki, and other healing practices, and have seen him use this work for his personal growth, for helping clients, and for teaching.  He has become not only a colleague but also a friend. He is a man of deep integrity and understands the healing journey with all its challenges. Daniel is a trustworthy guide in helping people overcome these challenges on the path and find deeper meaning and greater physical, emotional, and spiritual well-being in their lives.
- Ellen S. Jaffe, writer/poet, psychotherapist, Shamanic practitioner. Hamilton, Ontario

I was super excited to take this class and was asking for a class where I could mix PTSD and Shaman work and excited to have found this class soon after. Just goes to show that you get what you ask for...love that.  The class was informative and provided a wonderful place for everyone to share their stories which was great.  I learned some wonderful new techniques to incorporate into my TWIST Sessions and I am very enthusiastic to begin using them.  The space was calm and inviting and had a fantastic energy.  I look forward to future workshops with Daniel Léonard and The Medicine Circle.  Thanks so much!!
-Ayse, Hypnotherapist

It's been some time since I had an opportunity to gather with colleagues. Being with all of the participants, hearing the stories and sharing ideas felt like the proverbial breath of fresh air.  ( No coincidence that we were so expertly guided in breath-work! ) I love how Daniel modeled for us so much of what matters in this kind of work. His knowledge is impressive. His educational background is solid. What makes his teaching truly special is this:  He is the real deal, a wise and gifted teacher who is not afraid to show his humanness.
- Sue, EFT Therapist