Shamanic Preparation

Please find below the instruction for preparation to receive a Soul Retrieval


The work we will be doing is called Soul Retrieval. During our session [approximately 2 hours], I may also be guided to do other work but would explain that to you then. This work is very gentle yet powerful. Please make a space for yourself for the rest of the day, if you can. But please do not stress yourself out if you have things to do. The important thing is to create a space shortly after to have a chance to reflect on the work that occurred. Your homework is to say a sincere prayer before you go to sleep [every night until the session] for you to “be prepared during your dreamtime to receive the healing at the Soul Retrieval session on [date].” You can pray to any higher spiritual power you believe in – this work is not affiliated with any religion so please don’t let the semantics get in the way of your Soul Retrieval healing. Add any other intentions to your prayer you have for this healing to come.  It is important to ask.

In the days before the ceremony, try to rest, if you can, and get a good night sleep the night before.  You should not drink alcohol the day before the ceremony, the day of and the day after the ceremony.  Stay away from junk food and prepare yourself in any way that feels right for you such as having an Epsom salt bath, doing meditation, yoga or any other spiritual practices that allows you to be in a receptive state.

If you wish to find out more about Soul Retrieval, you may purchase my teacher's book called  Soul Retrieval, mending the fragmented self  by Sandra Ingerman.   Another interesting book that you may want to read at some point is called  The way of the Shaman  written by another one of my teachers Michael Harner who is the founder of The Foundation for Shamanic Studies.

At your convenience shortly AFTER the session [within the next 2 weeks after], I ask that a small ritual be performed by you to ground the healing in your body. First, think of something you can offer nature Spirit Helpers in gratitude for the healing. Examples of offerings are tobacco put at the base of a tree, apples for the deer, nuts for squirrels or seeds for birds or whatever you feel is appropriate. Please make the offering with intent and heartfelt gratitude. The second part of the ritual is to sit by a tree you feel connected to [it is wise to silently ask for permission first to be welcome]. Spend a few moments quieting your mind taking deep breaths. When you feel calmer ask the tree: “How can I ground the healing that occurred at the Soul Retrieval?” You may not get an answer immediately, it may show up in a way you do not expect – so pay attention to signs in your daily life.

To stay on your healing path, it is recommended to come for regular tune-up Reiki sessions to help process the healing that occurred. In these sessions you will be able to connect deeply with the inner spiritual self, heal old wounds and continue to reclaim your personal power.

Another option is to come to a 1 Day Life After Healing workshop where we perform a variety of exercises and ritual to ground the healing that has occurred, release the souls we have stolen and have a chance to reflect on the healing in small group - a safe, relaxed environment.  The cost for the 1 Day Workshop is $125. Please inquire for the next available dates.

Thank you,

Be well until then,



There are contraindications for the Soul Retrieval work:

  • If you are currently in the depths of addiction to drugs or alcohol –  shamanic extraction work can be done but Soul Retrieval is usually not recommend.
  • If you are new at sobriety in any 12 steps or recovery program - if less than a year, please discuss with Daniel.
  • If you suffer from severe depression and are suicidal - please advise Daniel.
  • If you have a severe mental illness we would have to talk about the potential of the work – and would recommend you talk it over with your psychiatrist / psychotherapist.
  • If you suffer from severe post traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) from a recent trauma or PTSD from trauma from any time in your life or from combat trauma from going to war – Daniel may suggest taking a different course of action and not do the soul retrieval right away.
  • Reiki and Shamanic Healing are not a substitute for medical advice or treatment.
  • Fees paid are for appointment time and do not include follow up by phone or email.
  • Daniel is unable to offer counselling or emotional support via email. If you need to write and describe your issues or current conditions, Daniel will read your email but will not respond at length. The content of your email will be discussed at your next appointment.
  • If you need phone counselling in between sessions the rates is $120 per hour (or $30 per 15 minute increment). Phone sessions must be booked as an appointment.
  • To maintain client - practitioner boundaries Daniel does not go for lunch or have coffee or attend private social events with clients or students.
  • Daniel does not offer counselling through Social Media, Facebook Messenger, texting or WhatsApp or other messaging services. Daniel does not respond to these messages. If you need to reach him, please email
  • Appointments cannot be booked through Social Media or via Facebook Messenger, texting or WhatsApp or other messaging services. To book an appointment please email

Thank you for your co-operation with the above conditions.